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What is ThetaHealing®?


ThetaHealing® works on the subconscious level where the real truth lies, and removes the beliefs that are blocking us from wha we want to have, be, and do. Those limiting thought patterns are then replaced with new positive ways to enhance what you want to create in your life. Some example of how ThetaHealing might assist you:

Spiritual: Aligning with your life purpose, path and direction
Emotional: Releasing trauma, abuse, and life patterns while increasing positive experiences and virtues
Relationships: enhancing your current relationships, moving forward from divorce, finding your soulmate
Physical: Increasing your overall wellness, self-healing, and dis-creating illness
Financial: Attracting abundance, increasing financial stability, and manifesting techniques
Children: Creating harmony in the home and at school

Our thoughts and emotions can have a direct effect and impact on our emotional and physical well being, whether positive or negative. By utilizing the ThetaHealing technique, you can easily start creating an attainable miracle for your life.

Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
Master Instructor and Practitioner

Dawna is a Master Intuitive Energy Healer who utilizes the ThetaHealing® process to create effective and fast change for others. Dawna has taught and shared these techniques with people from all over the world and has an international practice. Her specialty is teaching children how to heal and help others while enhancing their own individual gifts. She has a unique ability to be able to integrate what she has learned working with children.


“My favorite part of ThetaHealing is working with children. I love teaching them ThetaHealing and showing them the magic that they can create in their lives with it. Children are simply amazing. They truely are a gift!” – Dawna Campbell


Dawna is also able to assist her students and clients to release emotional wounds of the past that are held in the body. This allows the client to bridge the gap between what they know on the inside intuitively as Divine Love from the Creator, and what they experience on the outside with the world.